From Idea to Enterprise

Sat 27th Feb, 11am

→ Sat 27th Feb, 11am
→ First Off License, Ndamukong

So you have an Idea you believe can solve a problem in your community... Now What?

Join us at Y'G this Saturday for our nuggyt Talks as we discuss the topic From Idea to Enterprise - A discussion on the process of starting your Business or Non-profit

We'll explore:

  • Stakeholder Obsession 
  • Forms of Business/Non-Profits
  • Registering an Organisation
  • Branding and Imagery
  • Questions and Answers

This discussion will feature on the Panel Franklin Ngalim of The Greens, DC Gevala of Extended Limits and Yembe Nfor of Y'G.

The session will be limited only to 15 people as selected from the applications

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