6 Business Facts That Will Help You Design Effective Websites

Trevor Y'ems

Designing effective websites for companies means creating good content, keeping the software updated, and having high conversion rates. Both eCommerce and brick and mortar businesses are realizing the huge potentials of a website for lead generation to increase revenue. An effective website should grow your business by ensuring you stand out in the crowd. 

Whether you’re a professional website designer or an entrepreneur developing your own online site, you need to take note of some business facts. This information will ensure your company’s website is effective, driving the kind of traffic you need to build and grow sales. 

1. Use a Powerful Laptop

Website designing requires using a range of software. Different activities will need to be performed with a variety of tools for best results. Remember, you want to create a website that is professional while being effective for business purposes. So, system requirements need to be factored in. 

This means making sure you have a powerful laptop and the old HP you’ve been using for years may not cut it for website designing. Is this the time to sell used HP laptop for a more powerful model? Check out the specifications of your old laptop and if it’s not suited for website designing take the step to trade in your old HP laptop models for newer ones. 

2. Design a Mobile Responsive Website

With 54.8% of the global web traffic being driven by mobile users in the first half of 2021, it makes sense to ensure your website is mobile responsive. Shoppers are turning more to using their smartphones to compare prices, source items, and purchase goods online. Mobile users will spend time reading product reviews online before making a final decision.

By taking note of this crucial online business fact, you can ensure your website is designed to keep consumers happy while browsing your site using their mobile device. If your ecommerce website is not easy to navigate, you’ll start to lose customers so make sure it’s mobile responsive. 

3. Keep all Contact Details Obvious

Nothing frustrates an online visitor more than not being able to find your contact details easily! This is essential if your business relies on your visitors calling your sales team or contacting you for further information. Make sure your contact details are obvious.

This means having all your business contact information clearly stated. Most users expect to find this kind of information at the top of your home page so make sure they can find it with minimal fuss. Social media is often used to connect with online visitors and if you’re using this method then ensure all links are easily found, either at the top or bottom of your pages. 

4. Navigation is Key for Happy Customers

Online customers will stay on your website if they can navigate the pages easily and quickly. A web user expects their online experience to be smooth and effective. This means ensuring your website is designed in such a way that your visitor can navigate throughout the site effortlessly.

To keep your customer happy, ensure they can select from tabs that are clearly labelled. Relevant pages should be easy to find under these tabs. Expert website designers recommend not having more than five tabs for simple and effective navigation. 

5. Avoid Cluttering Your Website Pages

Another business fact about designing effective websites is that online users don’t want to be bombarded with too much information. Time is of the essence for many consumers today and to keep your online customer’s attention you want to give them what they need as quickly as possible. This means providing scannable information and avoiding too much clutter on your pages. 

This can be done by:

  • Using more visuals and minimizing text content.
  • Taking advantage of bullet lists.
  • Keeping the layout simple.
  • Using different sizes for text and CTA buttons
  • Being smart with color use. 

Being aware of typography, too much fluff, and keeping choices down to the minimum are all other ways of keeping your pages simple. 

6. Connect on a Personal Level

It’s very easy to lose personal connection with your customers when operating online. Successful businesses rely on having a relationship with their clients and this is a fact you should note when designing an effective website. Your visitor wants to know there’s a real person behind the scenes.

Ensure your website allows for engagement with your users on a personal level. This can be done by sharing your story, having a strong online presence through effective social media strategies, and keeping the online experience enjoyable for the user. 

Final Thoughts

Being aware of online business facts means you can design and develop an effective website for your company. You can decide to sell or recycle old HP laptop products for more powerful laptops or follow the design principles of developing a top-class website. But, whatever you do, make sure your online presence encourages your visitor to become a customer.  


Blog Contribution by Kris David

A student by day and a wordsmith by night, Kris David works as a freelance blogger. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communications and relying on his freelance gigs to jumpstart his career in journalism.

Cover Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash