Website Design and Development

We build fast, robust, simple, cross-platform Websites and Applications which help our clients achieve their specific objectives.

In an increasingly connected world, being present (via a website or application) on the World Wide Web is becoming more than a necessity.

Enterprises need tools to ease or fully automate some of their processes or day-to-day tasks which when done manually are tedious, costly and most often than not, error prone.

Some of the Websites we've built include the following and more on our Portfolio Page.

Premium Websites are for Organizations who have special needs or looking for websites that perform advanced functions like E-Commerce, Social Networks, Membership Websites, etc.

Their Scope and Pricing can only be determined after Consulting with and understanding the needs of the particular client.


These websites are for organizations that are looking for websites a little more interactive and dynamic. Standard Websites take the visitor's experience a step further providing features like News, Gallery, Blogs and Events.

*Most importantly, they come with a Content Management System which permits you to manage your website yourself without having to call your IT guys.

These are best for small and medium-size organizations that are looking for a more engaging website.

Development: 150.000frs ($300)
Annual Hosting/Domain: 30.000frs ($60)

Duration: 14days

Sample Pages of a Standard Website include:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • What We Do
  • News and Updates
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Gallery
  • Get Involved
  • Contact Us
  • Admin Area (Website Management) 
  • Etc.

These are simple descriptive websites with a few pages which have as main purpose to provide basic information to Website Visitors such as information about the Organization, their activities and how to contact the Organization. 

These are best for small organizations who are looking to creating a simple Web Presence.

Development: 50.000frs ($100)
Annual Hosting/Domain Name: 30.000frs ($60)

Duration: 7 Business days

Sample Pages of a Basic Website include:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • What We Do
  • Get Involved
  • Contact Us