Awakening Your Creative Ability in Three Steps (Passive Method)

Tanni Desmond, Thu 1st, Aug 2019, 09:50

Necessity is the mother of invention and creativity is her father

Children between the ages of two- and four-years old show by research to be ninety-five (95%) percent creative. This means they exhibit high imaginative ability, innovative ability and curiosity levels. The have tremendous capacity for abstract reasoning and creating imaginary images.

As we mature, what happens that we gradually loose our creative ability for most tested adults exhibit only five percent (5%) creative ability. What happens along the way?

Any area of your life where there is no reciprocity will die

This may be because of the voice of others that we ingest. They will tell you it can only be done this or that way. Due to the fear of failing or that inner yeaning to belong we have rendered dormant our creative ability and this article helps give you suggested tested techniques you can use to resuscitate your creative genius.

Keep in mind the law of use

Whatever you do not use you lose.

We will begin with the first three passive techniques, you can use to stimulate your creativity.    


  1. Solitude: Sit without doing anything every day for at least thirty minutes to one hour. This means no reading, no listening to music, no watching of anything, no eating, do nothing for thirty to sixty minutes and watch your creativity awakened
  2.  Surround Yourself With Natural Environment: Do this by taking a walk into the forest, visit a garden, or basically get yourself into an area filled with green vegetation. Spend some time with nature and feel your creative ability revamped.

Also take time out to listen to classical music from Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, and laugh often and all these will aid reawaken your creativity.

 We will deal with the active methods you can use to awaken your creativity in our next article. See you next week.