Get Good At Asking For Help With These Steps

Tanni Desmond, Sat 20th, Jul 2019, 09:30

One of the difficult thing to do that most people never talk about  is asking help.

Some of us find it so challenging and even prefer to suffer than ask for help.Some time we sit and wish someone will just get to know and help us, while that someone might notice you need help but don't know if you want it.This being because it is a really terrible experience and frustrating to give help to someone who needs it but don't want it.

So asking for help tells others that you do not only need help but you want it.So how do we ask for help without feeling like we are inconveniencing someone else.

  1. Let them know you need help. Say "I really need your help" or "Please help me.
  2. Let them know exactly what you want help with. Nobody wants to give bad help so let them know in concrete terms what or where you need help. Say I need help with...., or "Please help me to do ...."
  3.  Avoid disclamers, bribes and apologies. That is avoid saying stuff like "I am so sorry I had to ask you for this." or "I really hate bordering you with this." A spontanous gift after someone helps you is a good incentive but offering something to get help sounds like a bribe/transaction and not help.
  4. Most preferably ask in person or do a phone call. Avoid asking help by text or email because it feels easier for you.As it feels easier for you so it doestoo for the person to say know by thesame medium.
  5. When you ask for help, and it is given , follow up with it. it is not about helping that gives satisfaction to the helper but knowing that the help was effective and impactful, that is what gives joy to the helper. Let the helper know their assistence  got you through a tough time or tough work.

Always keep this in mind whenever you feel like hesitating to ask for help: people feel so great when they give help to others, it adds some sense of fulfillment.

So go ahead tell yourself, "I am going to ask for help out loud when I need it."

"I will do it in person or call."