KPI's Of Success

Tanni Desmond, Thu 11th, Jul 2019, 06:45

For many years humanity has wondered without answer and pondered with the question, “why are some people more successful than others? “This question lurks the mind of most people plaguing their hearts day and night. While the wealthy looks at the poor and unsuccessful and wonder why they are so with so much business opportunities in every sector, the poor looks at the rich and wonder how you could have so much wealth and can not get their families together. Is either of them successful? 

This article suggests some indicators of absolute success for us to know what success really is so we can strive to attain, maintain and share it with others.

Here are the key Performance Indicators of success

1. Peace of Mind: Every person who believes to have achieved success should be endowed with that tranquil state of mind. That state of mind that is void of fear, guilt and anger. These three afore mentioned vices are troubling our society today. If you can have peace that surpasses all human understanding and go to be and wake up with the same state of mind everyday then you making the first step towards absolute success.


2. Abundant health and Energy: No matter what we may achieve in life if we do not have our health and energy, we hardly get much satisfaction and fulfilment. Our body is the only car that we have to carry us through this life and the energy is the fuel in that car, so before we begin boasting of success lets take time to evaluate the car and what we put it.

3. Loving Relationships: The ability to enter into and maintain long term loving, mature relationships with other people be it your wife, children, parents, customers, neighbors and friends. This is one of the reasons why people get engaged in njangi’s, church groups and sports clubs(veterans). Look at your relationships with others, does it go beyond the physical? If so then success is at your grasp.

4. Financial Freedom: This is what most people consider as success which makes them far from the truth. Financial freedom has to do with having enough money such that you don’t have to worry about money. When we do not have to worry about our next meal, rents, transport fair or others stuffs the are money required then we are on the right road to absolute success in life.

5.    Worthy goals and ideals: The purpose of life is a life of purpose someone said so as human beings in order to function at our best we need clear goals to which we are committed and worthy ideals that we believe in. You a step from success when you have crystal clear goals and ideals worthy of working and living for.

6. The feeling of self fulfilment: Abraham Maslow on his hierarchy of needs calls this self-actualization.  Do you believe totally and completely that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming as human beings? Are you functioning at your full potential?


The reality is all these six indicators of success are intertwined, meaning one always leads to the other. A feeling of peace of mind will lead to abundant health and energy and so on. Reflect of these KPIs and see if you and the person you thought was successful is worthy to be termed and absolute success. If so, why is he/she an absolute success? These we cover in my next article.