We sure are going to miss these guys

Yembe Nfor, Thu 6th, Sep 2018, 14:00

After 2 long months, it feels like they spent only a few days here with us at Y'G. It was sad for us to say goodbye to our Summer Interns; Belinda and Shanon from Siantou and Brian from COLTECH, UB.

This summer these rockstars joined our team for their Computer Engineering Internships during which they worked with our team on programs introducing and strengthening their skills in different skills and languages including JS, PHP, HTML/CSS and Digital Marketing.

We spent such a great time with them, learning from them, laughing with them and growing with them. While wishing these guys all the best as they continue their learning journey, we're looking forward to opportunity to share even more with subsequent interns

If you will like to join our team at Y'G, drop us a mail at hr@yems.group ;)